The Air Horns or proper ship terminology is the Ship’s whistles are Airchime ‘s built by Canada’s own Robert Swanson 1905-1994 of Vancouver, BC.  A great visionary of the air signal industry in North America.

He also had his own “whistle farm” in Nanaimo at that time “away from everyone” so he could tune his horns to his liking.  Perhaps this is why the Queen of Nanaimo’s horns sound so unique compared to her six sister ships.   She has a 3 chime sequence consisting of a KM-200, KM-250 and a KM-165 models which give her a sound close to a Trumpet F Major.

At the time of her being built, Airchime was located at 14 Powell St in Vancouver, BC.  In Much later years, Airchime moved out to Langley, BC into the Glouchester Industrial park and later was acquired by the Kahlenberg Air Horn Company of Twin Rivers, WI in the USA.

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